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All about walldkor

From France to the world

Walldkor.com is based in France, not far from its most beautifull cities, Paris & Bordeaux. The site went from being an e-commerce platform specialized in wall and home decoration to a place with insigts about Mindfulness, Leasership, Personal Development, etc.

Innovation and Educational content is also shared as a way to give us the opportunity to continously learn and grow as individuals and society builders.

Why Walldkor?

Because LOVE inspires our daily lives this site was created to share it with the world.


Building strong and honest relationships with my readers and partners is my main value. To achieve this I commit to:

Be me with my fantasy and little weirdness; work with passion and resolution; work with humbleness; embrace innovation, growth, creativity and positive learning; keep an adventurous “out of the box” mindset. I commit to be efficient while having fun because this is what Walldkor.com is all about.

Last but not least, I make my best to spread the word about sustainable development because it is always possible to make more with less.


I work with AWESOME partners based all over the world to provide quality content and be always one step ahead with mindfulness, executive and leadership “trends”. I select Walldkor’s partners carefully to respond to my willingness to offer high-quality information to my readers. 


This site has all security certifications, when you visit this site you are 100% secure, I do not share any of your personal information with anyone.

Always Bigger, Always Better!

Walldkor.com is constantly growing, its international mindset is an irresistible force providing diversity and strength to the project. I want to thank our readers for their loyalty: growing together is an amazing adventure! 

Fresh Ideas! Fresh website with up to day leadership & mindful trends!

Good vibes, positive energy, sharing fun, dreaming real!

My inspiration message: “The important thing in life is to have a great aim and the determination to attain it”


Walldkor Specialist!

I take care of Walldkor.com as if it was my own home. I choose the topics I love and I remain on the front line with my partners, whatever special request from you is evaluated and I will always find a way to comply with your wishes. I love languages, I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and have little notions of Hindi.  What inspires me: music! specially Splendor in the grass from Pink Martini.

The Concept

Style & Ambiance

Walldkor.com went from being an e-commerce platform to a place to share insights on personal development and things that matter at a personal and professional level. The site has conserved its “e-commerce” style as a way to show that we can “consume” content in a way that makes as a better person with “0” money!

Walldkor.com keeps its original wall and home decor style as a way to warmly welcome you at HOME 

Walldkor's STORY

“0” Judgement – 100% Zen!

Believing that we need to have a 5★ rating, a huge number of likes and the less “dislikes” possible or even thousands of “shares” to be successful is an illusion that prevents us from being ourselves and shine at our own superpowers!

At Walldkor.com there is no “rating”, no comments (it is not a matter of proving good or wrong), no “HUGE NUMBERS”. There is only freedom of expression and freedom of understanding: 100% simplicity & ZEN for life!

oH my!

A Little Game…

Nothing is more important than keeping our “little game instincts” as little kids! Life is a lovely playground and all we have to do is play with it :). Let’s enjoy the good and the bad (the Ying and the Yang), let’s drop our Ego boundaries and laugh at ourselves!

As part of this crossroad game, we are sharing here fun stories, little tips, videos, music, etc. Rock it all and shine the hell of it!


Education & Innovation

Being a Learner is the most beautiful gift we can offer to ourselves. At Walldkor.com we are not Knowers, we are Learners! We enjoy discovering new things, we love getting out of our comfort zone and breaking those walls that raised in our minds once upon a time. Nothing is more special and unique than personal discoveries. Being open to Education and Innovation is key for us to evolve at an intellectual level and, most of all, as individuals!


Little Moments

I like to write what I call my “little lemon drops”! I write about the little moments that changed my life or the impressions on those things that make the LIFE possible.

Find here my little stories and feel very welcome to my world in a little lemon drop!

Lemon drops

It is never too late to feel good!

There is always a special opportunity to feel good! Action Calendars give us ideas to work with enthusiastic vibes and live our lives with peace and joy!

Discover the little actions you can do to empower your life with happiness!

Action Calendar


I am constantly working to improve Walldkor.com. I want this site to remain a place for growth and joy. If you have any suggestions or inquiries, please do let us know, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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