Mindful Tips For Business

Mindfulness at Work 

Useful tips for positive Business and Executive activities. Work on your Concentration for great Efficiency and embrace success with a Mindful Leadership.

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Let’s drink a cup of coffee together (I love coffee!) and enjoy the journey 🙂


Take time to connect in a meaningful way with your colleagues and the people around you. This will help you to gain confidence while living a meaningful life.

Cafe latte

If you feel like having a meaningful coffee/tea break try,  from time to time, to do your coffee break alone. This will help you to calm down, get back to yourself and find the equilibrium you need to do your best at work.  


Make short breaks every 90 -120 mins. Take your eyes off your screen, stretch your body, drink water, go for a walk & breath some fresh air. Get the best of your fresh energy for the next 90 – 120 mins and start it over again. 


Do not work hard to be Happy, that is not the way it works. Be Happy to do the work you do, in that way you will always Feel Successful because There is no way to Happiness: Happiness is the way! 🙂


If you have some more time it is always useful to do a body scan in the morning before going to the office and/or in the evening. This helps us to renew our energies and to improve our concentration capacity.

Cold Drink

Refresh your body and mind with regular exercise: 2 to 3 times a week. Take time to do the things YOU LIKE: painting, writing, fishing, swimming, dancing…If you want to Feel Good, Do Good! Start by Doing Good to yourself ♡