Energising music – French Singer: Jain

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Jain – Electro-Pop Music from France.

Walldkor’s TOP 3 singles

Alright, Album Soldier
Heads Up, Album Zanaka
Makeba, Album Zanaka

I have just discovered Jain, a 26 years old French musician singer-songwriter.

I love the music, the lyrics, the visuals, the philosophy & the ART that is behind all this. I cannot wait to share this music with you 🙂

Jain composes electro-pop music with reggae and worldwide melodies that she learned from her life in different places around the world: France, Dubaï, Congo, Abu Dhabi.

This multicultural music turns out to be an explosion of colors, energy, travel discoveries and good vibes with an interesting life message exposed in each song.

Here are My Top 3 Favorite Songs:

– Alright, Album Soldier: “Things gonna be alright, Things gonna be just fine […] If love is around”.

The video clip is captivating: A world where girls are dressed normally (not tight clothes, no nudity needed to Do Great Things).
A world where ladies do more than being a good wife or a motorbike playboy.
A message for everyone, Boys & Girls: Getting Up after Falling Down, Getting Up only to make Your Voice Higher!

– Heads Up, Album Zanaka: I love it!
“Heads up for the light, Where we never die, Under the moonlight, We’ll start our own fight. Heads up for this time, Where fear’s not the leader, Where open mind is stronger, Life is for lovers…”

– Makeba, Album Zanaka: Single dedicated to Miriam Makeba, South African singer and Human Rights activist.

Enjoy the Grphic Art of Mr Jonson:

Do you like it? Go to Jain’s YouTube Chain to discover more of her music.

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