Focusing at work: 3-Minute Meditation to feel relaxed

In Short

3 minutes meditation

Exercise to stay focused at work:

– Focus and efficiency at work
– Increase stability
– Reduce stress
– Gain confidence
– Work for Well Being

Focusing at work, how?

Focusing our attention on what really matters can help us to deal with stress and feel more relaxed.

We can use meditation exercises when the pressure becomes high during our working journey. It is always good to make a little break, breath and relax.

This short meditation exercise will help you to calm down, make peace with your self, release the burden on your shoulders and get back on track with new energies.

After this you will be able to deal with office pressure in a different way, free from stress and with better results for you and those around you.

Breathe, Release the Burden, Enjoy…

Feel free to repeat the exercise whenever the need arises :).

Presented by Deepak Chopra: Co-Author of the Best Seller “You Are The Universe” 2017.

Source:Tech Insider.

About the Author: Indian-born American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate. For more information: Deepak Chopra.

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