From Managers to Leaders

In Short

Innovation in Management

Managers vs. Leaders

– Dealing with Technical Challenges & Adaptative Challenges

– Working with Emotional Intelligence

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Why make a difference between a Manager and a Leader?

Nowadays the way of working has evolved on a big scale due to access to technology, information, education, multiculturality which is far more easy and fast than it was for former generations.

With this, we have to think about Innovation in Management. Today’s Management challenges are not the same because people’s way of working is not the same.

Workers are more challenging than before also because mobility is easier nowadays: we are less “chained” to a job than we were before.

Why do we decide to change a job?

In most of the cases, it is not about the organization we work for or about the real job: it is about our daily relationships with our colleagues and our hierarchy.

I have read many times in a few business articles that workers do not leave organizations, they leave managers. In a certain way, I do agree with this statement (in a certain way only because we have to admit that we have our share of responsibility in our reality).  

This is why it is important to think about the challenge of becoming a Manager or a Leader. Making the choice to become a Leader might be winning to face today’s business challenges.

Management vs. Leadership

– Management responds to Technical Challenges: there is an A, B, C problem to which the Manager addresses an A, B, C solution. In other words, it is managing with “cold” facts.

– Leadership responds to Adaptative Challenges: adaptative challenges are everywhere, they involve peoples’ habits, feelings, and emotions. It is about Leading Others and Leading Self.

As we are not machines but human beings, chances are that the percentage of Adaptative Challenges are much higher than the percentage of Technical challenges.

Motivation, Engagement, Change Embracing is hard to handle with technical solutions. This is where Leaders take a step ahead from Managers:

– Leaders are doing the emotional job which is harder than merely adopting technical solutions.

-Leaders accept the fact that they are also involved in the action with their own emotions and habits.

– Leaders accept that they are part of the problem, by doing so they commit to being part of the solution.

– Leaders share their leadership: they take part in the action without stepping in their team members’ actions and individual leadership.

– Leaders empower their team members with Entrepreneurship Mindset.


Leaders are more successful in finding the best solutions together with their teams than Managers do.

This is due to the fact that Leaders agree to work with Emotional Intelligence as well as to deal with Adaptative Challenges rather than focusing on Technical Challenges with Technical Solutions.

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