How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Find your “WHY”?

In Short

TED Talk on Inspirational Leadership:

-From World-Class Leadership Expert Simon Sinek
-Find your “Why”?
-Examples from Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright Brothers

Read the Book: “Find Your Why”

Have you ever heard the impressive TED Talk from Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action?

Simon Sinek uses a very simple but powerful model for leadership that Inspires Action. It is basically an open invitation to Find your “Why”?

Where does this take us to? It forces us to ask ourselves the fundamental question of Why?

Why are we doing a certain job? Why do we go to our working place every day? Does this have a true meaning for us? How can it be aligned with our values, with what we want to do in life?

Doing what we actually like, what we believe is good for us and for society makes the job more joyful and easier to deal with.
It brings great satisfaction because our real purpose in life is fulfilled and so we are as individuals.

Discover Simon’s Golden Circle with examples including Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright Brothers…and get the best of Your Why 🙂

Source: TEDxPuget Sound.

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About the Author: Simon Sinek is a World-class Leadership Expert, he is the author of the classic “Start With Why”

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